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Teams accelerating with Cake

Altis Labs
Glean AI

Move Fast

Assemble projects in minutes, not years

Custom Implementation

Select the perfect stack for each project

Future Proof

Easily adopt new AI breakthroughs over time

Altis Labs: Predictive Imaging Insights

"Cake powers our complex, highly scaled AI infrastructure. Their platform accelerates our model development and deployment both on prem and in the cloud. They've allowed us to push the boundaries of AI and clinical research as we aim to improve patient outcomes. I'm looking forward to growing faster with Cake in 2024 and beyond."

Felix Baldauf-Lenschen, CEO, Altis Labs

Define a secure AI infrastructure strategy

Cake adds security features to popular open source AI infrastructure components. Customers quickly assemble projects using these components and pre-built integrations.

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An integrated platform from compute to applications

Cake manages the entire stack - compute infrastructure, open source platform elements, common integrations, and pre-built project components. Security and monitoring is integrated throughout all four layers enabling a smooth path to production.

Autoscale Inference
RAG Workflows
Distributed Compute

Built for Generative AI

Generative AI moves fast. Cake customers stay current with seamless discovery, implementation, and migration to the latest foundation models, fine-tuning methods, prompting frameworks, GPU clouds, and parallel compute architectures.

Don't get stuck with the wrong tools

Choose your favorite open source modules today. Reconfigure your stack tomorrow.

Choose components for your projects

Customize your plaform with 70+ open source modules. Don't see a capability you need, send us a request.


Deploy your platform

Automatically assemble your integrated platform with all required components.

Build with expert support

Cake provides training on each module, helping your team adopt best practices and refine your environment.

Easily update your stack

You move fast. So does Cake. Unlock your next project with a library of ready-to-install components and integrations at your fingertips.

High priority AI initiatives can be a piece of cake

Cake provides a modular and highly configurable platform customized for your project requirements.

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